Do we need lessons to lessen the pain?

Do we need it or do we desire it? I’m often torn between choosing one. But, I’m certain about one thing. Experiences are crucial. And what we learn from them is even more so. We have gone through so much in our lives, whether it is the family troubles or boyfriend problems or high school drama- but we have grown after each one of them into persons that we today are.

I went through a rough childhood- no divorce or anything- but, yes, constant fights among parents created a not-so-happy environment. I used to cry to sleep at times, but after a certain age, I accepted things as they were. I learned so much through that time. My teens didn’t teach me how to party, they taught me how to be kind. They didn’t teach me how to trick my parents, they taught me how to understand them and accept them at their worst. I, firmly, believe in the institution of family, because no matter how they have acted in the past, I know for sure, that when I’ll need someone in future, they’ll be the first ones to turn up.

So, I turned my sorrows into opportunities– to adopt, to learn and to discover myself. Whatever bad I saw, helped me realise what I never wanted to be. And whatever good I saw inspired me. I made my history a source to study lessons, which gave me a new perspective to life i.e. a positive approach. And, my positive approach healed me. Before, I was broken. Now, I was a whole new person with a completely changed personality.

For me, lessons helped lessen the pain.

How frequently does your heart get broken? How much does that hurt you? How much harm have you caused to yourself by replaying those memories like a movie, over and over again? Ask this to yourself, today. If your answer is ‘very much’, then start fresh right now. All you have to do is stop regretting your past and start treating it like an adventure, because if those incidents hadn’t happened to you, you would not have learned those crucial life lessons which you abide by today. And, maybe, that incident (which hurt you) was the best possible way to make you realise something or to make you acknowledge something, et cetera.

It is, really, all about how do you want to see a situation and receive it in your life. If you treat your life as a story, then you’ll realise that every awful memory has left a moral behind. Its up to you now- if you recognise it, you will live in peace and satisfaction, and learn to grow into an unknown but an intriguing person. And, if you don’t, then you’ll waste your time repenting things that don’t even deserve it.

Ask yourself, what do you want out of your life? Regret or growth.

–In the end, everything does happen for a reason–

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