Vulnerability Or Weakness.

Often these two words are considered synonyms but are they ever? NO. They can’t be. Dictionary defines Weakness as lack of strength while Vulnerability is the susceptibility or capability to wind up hurt.

Being in a relationship for the first time makes you vulnerable in many ways without realizing it and when you do wind up hurt. It is normal to feel weak when you cry or are depressed or feel like things will never be better. Given sometime, you do move on and one fine day we meet someone we might want to be with. Now the real work begins. You have two options- Act like a weakling and chicken out and go back to pretending you don’t want a relationship or go ahead with it, pursue it and pray like hell that this time you got it right.

The first option seems to be better, you ll be by yourself (hell, you’ve taken all this time to be this way). You have given up on love, you have don’t have the strength to pursue anything and especially the monster called INTIMACY. The point is YOU DONT HAVE THE STRENGTH. But think about it, was it the love that hurt you or the lack of it? I have been there, done that and things were pretty darn good until one fine day that one person changed the whole game. And guess what? It only take one person.

Coming to the second option, I am not going to say you become vulnerable for the next you lay your eyes on. Take your time, think it out, if the guy stays and gets it and makes you want to take that next step. You will feel pretty darn good, that’s a promise. Ofcourse, it’s scary, okay, extremely scary but in this world you need to be your own Knight in shining armor and instead of being rescued, rescue yourself. The vulnerability can be scary but think about it you’ve been to the rock bottom and survived and are stronger than ever. Why not be a little vulnerable, it has a thrill of its own and a little chance doesn’t hurt anyone. Out of vulnerability comes strength and maybe a little empowerment.

–Courtesy of a very talented and dear friend–

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