Humans, according to me, are fundamentally greedy- some are more and some rather less. Always surrounded by wealth, success and resources of others, we tend to want things that they flaunt, and in this whole ‘drooling over other people’s lifestyle’ process, we often forget to acknowledge what we already have.

We don’t realise the real worth of someone or something till it is taken away from us. We never consider it important, and we take everything we have for granted. We fail to be thankful for what has been provided to us. I used to be of this kind. But, when I opened my eyes and saw that there are people in this world who dream of things that I already have, seeing children wanting toys that I used and threw, seeing people waiting years to buy a new pair of clothes, while I refused to wear dozens after buying them because apparently I lost interest in them or they didn’t suit me anymore (et cetera), I came to my senses and finally started recognising things and valuing them.

Forget about material things, I never treated my body right. I used to look in the mirror and find flaws, as if I looked at myself only to regret everything that I saw. I now feel that I have been ignorant my whole life of the greatest asset any man can have. His body. Do you hate your legs because they are fat or too thin? Ask their worth to someone who has lost his legs. You don’t like your eyes because they are too small or too big? Ask a blind person and he’ll tell you their value. He will tell you, what is the worth of being able to see the world, enjoy it and feel it every day, to be able to go anywhere you want, to be able to eat anything you like, to be able to love someone and being loved by someone, et cetera.

I often asked myself all these questions, (like) what would my life be like if I didn’t have my eyes or the ability to speak or hear or if I didn’t have any of my limbs or my brain functioning properly? And suddenly, all of my desires, all of my regrets and greed seemed so petty. Now, I wake up everyday and thank universe for everything that I have. I thank it for surrounding me with beautiful people, for such parents who’d do anything for my happiness, for siblings who could never see me cry, for friends who are always there when I need them, for the money that funded my education and such luxurious lifestyle (by ‘luxurious’, I don’t mean silver plates and gold spoons, I mean, that I got everything that I wanted, whether it was a Barbie or my favourite food). I thank it for all the love and support that I have received, and basically, for every adventure, every lesson, every experience that I’ve had. And now, I don’t ask for anything, except happiness for every person on this planet (i.e. everyone should get what they deserve). I’m no saint, I’m just a woman who has realised the worth of having all the things that people, somewhere at some times, still crave for.

I have never felt smaller than the day I saw a person having nothing, and still smiling. At first, I thought, what kind of weird person can stay happy in such conditions? He doesn’t even have a guaranteed meal tonight. What does he have that I don’t? He’s out there sitting on a street, just smiling and minding his own business, and I’m sitting in a car, cribbing about the things that I couldn’t get. That was the first incident that made me wonder all these things and eventually when I started noticing more incidents like these, I came to know that the key to happiness is not having it all, it is being satisfied in what you have, being thankful for it and just being a little less selfish and a little more giving.

I attained serenity after my reality check. I don’t know how will you take this or even think of me after reading this, but this is the real me, and today and everyday, you should know, that somewhere out there, I’m hoping that you find your happiness, that you and your loved ones stay in good health and with good wealth.

Gratitude is the greatest lesson that I have learned in my life. Without it, my life was empty and meaningless. After it, I found myself at peace and for real, HAPPY!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude.

  1. I love this post – I do a post every Sunday called ‘It’s the little things’ because it reminds me to feel grateful that there are lots of things in my day that make me smile 🙂


    • It feels so great to read such a positive view! I will definitely look up for your Sunday posts! Believe it or not, but I’m grateful to you, today, for being a beautiful soul. Spread this positivity, because the world needs more people like us! ❤


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