Finding True Love.

In this world of charmers and deceits, we often come across men who do everything to make you theirs and once they know for sure that you’ve fallen for them, they show their true colours.

Why do we fall for such guys? Simple, because they are good looking, they give you all the attention you need, they take special care of you in your periods, they take you out whenever you want to, they are always available when you text or call them. Which girl wouldn’t want that? That’s literally the type every girl wants his man to be of. And this fact is very well known to those men. They actually know how to be the flower that would attract all the honey bees.

As we are thinking that we found our love for life, they are thinking how to impress her more. The act of love is monitored by their minds and not by their hearts. So, do not fall for every other guy. Do not trust anyone easily. Do not believe in every promise that is made to you.

Having said this, I do believe that we all are destined for (at least) one true love in our lives. I had a crush on a guy for over two years. We were friends once and he was in a relationship with another girl. Trying to move on, I got into meaningless relationships, that turned out to be unsatisfactory, because all I could think about was him. After a year of no contact, I got a text from him. We started talking again, and all my buried feelings for him, which I had packed in a safe spot, came flying back and I couldn’t help but shed a tear and sport a smile. It has been years of us being together now, and I still feel the same for him. For me, he is my true love. I don’t know if I am his, but yes, I found my true love. And so will you.

True love is hard to find, and not many of us end up with ours. We run out of patience and at times we are ready to settle for anything we can get our hands on. We forget that we deserve our heroes and we’ll get them when the time is right. As, when I think back, I thank Universe, for keeping us friends when I had a crush on him, and not bringing us in a relationship, because that time was not right and we were not mature enough to handle something like this (what we share now). Whatever happened, happened for a reason and at the right time destined for both of us.

All we are looking for is love in our little lives, and we shall get it. It will come to you on its own, you don’t have to go in the dark with a torch light to find your true love. Be patient, say to yourself that you deserve it and your destiny will lead you to him.

How will you recognise your love? No, its not always love at first sight. Agree with me or not, its always lust at first sight, not love. And, you cannot decide whether a man is your true love or not in a month or two. You have to give your relationship some time to develop, to get tested, and to be exploited. Then only, you get to know the real side of your partner. And, when you finally know what he is really like, you can decide all you want.

So, don’t give up on love, because no matter how many men cheated on you or used you or just left you, a man will come and shake you from within. He will collect all the pieces of your broken heart and bring them together with his love. He is out there, just stay positive and believe that you will get him eventually.

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