Spiritual, Not Religious.

I have always considered myself an atheist. Since the beginning, I was not drawn to the concept of ‘God’ (kindly, do not hate me already, and keep reading on, because I don’t intend any offence to any person), but I respected every religion equally. I would go to temples, churches, mosques, etc. I would thank god for everything but I refused to adhere to the rules and to the rituals of any religion- as these were made by man, according to his convenience and his belief and why should I be a subject or follower of someone else’s belief, which was formed hundreds of years ago?

I believe every human on this planet has a right to choose any religion or not to choose any, according to his wishes. Though there are limitations and difficulties in this (being born in a religious family) and it took me long to make my family understand that I don’t believe in God. They respected my views and I respect theirs by giving them company in their religious affairs.

So yes, everyone around me knows that I’m not a religious person. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in some power supreme, to guide us through our life journeys. I believe that every person needs an escape and believing in something, brings hope in our lives, which in turn makes us feel happy imagining all our dreams coming true.

I’ve grown to be a spiritual person in the past 6 years since I read the famous book, ‘The Secret’. It was an innovative way to bring people to believe in something greater, and something, which unites us all. One ‘Universe’. According to me, religion is a species of spirituality, as in the former, people name that supreme power and make a figure for it, which the rest of us worship. Both require faith. But does our lives function solely on blind belief?

Doesn’t matter if you believe in God or Universe, one path that is common to us is that first, we pray, then we imagine us receiving that thing and lastly, if it’s meant to be and if that contributes to our greater good, we receive it. And we give all the credit to the all mighty (which is not at all wrong, as expressing gratitude to him or any person also, is the best thing one can do. One should always be thankful for what he has). What we fail to see here is, when we believe that we want something and we believe that we shall receive it, we start working towards our goal without realising it. Unintentionally, we do things that adds up to the path we are travelling with the ultimate destination being our dream coming true. Otherwise, why do you think they say, “God helps those who help themselves”– because having faith and having belief gives us that motivation and that drive that is required for us to achieve what we desire. But it is us, who have to work to earn that wish of ours.

No one is going to come one day and hand it over to you in a box wrapped with glittery sheets and gold ribbons. We have to work, and work hard, if we want something or someone to happen to us. And what makes that hard work seem effortless is our belief and our hope that we shall receive what we have asked for.

Thus, doesn’t matter who you follow, what’s important is to have a little faith that things will turn out for the best of your interest and to actually start working towards making your dream come true.

–P.S. I respect every person regardless of his colour, caste, sex, religion, etc.–

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